En el teu nom

Antoni Rossell presents En el teu nom, an album in which music makes poetry Rafart and Susanna is a journey through a work that tells of love , death and celebration of the city or of the Greek world through poems already published , but also unpublished . A common work between the author and the composer who includes all records : the ballad , lullaby , crying, epigram ...

Antoni Rossell, voice and guitar;
Susanna Rafat, poetry;
Jordi Barceló, piano;
Àngel Ribas, accordion;
Carol Duran, violin;
Albert Moraleda, bass;
Dani Pérez, electric guitar.
And the special collaboration of Paco Ibanez, voice ; and the Children's Choir of the School Fusió Sant Cugat del Valles, choir director , Mercè Pérez .

Ediciones Moraleda (2015) CD.



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