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Performer of Medieval music and leader of C. Courtly Music Consort, Antoni Rossell collaborated with Dulcis Harmonia (1981-1983), The Capella de Música de Santa Maria de Mar (1986-1987) and Dialogus, Music Antiqua directed by Katarina Livljanic. Antoni Rossell has composed works for the National Theater of Budapest (Az Emeber Tragediaia, by Imber Madach, dir. Ricard Salvat 1994) and for la temporada del Grec 1988 Barcelona (La romàntica història d’una monja del Zakes Mda., dir. Teresa Davanç). Antoni Rossell has composed music for the poems of Susanna Rafart (2015)

He is a performer of Medieval monody, as well as of other less known and not well spread works (Cantar de Mio Çid, Occitan psalms of the Renaissance, Troubadours’ Medieval poetry…). Antoni Rossell collaborated with Carles Santos (1985), and with Werner Schulze (from 2000 until 2001). In 2007 he toured in countries including the USA, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. In October 2007 he took part, along with other artists, musicians and actors, in the opening concert of Fira del Llibre in Frankfurt in a show directed by Joan Ollé. 2008: 40 Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona Medieval Liturgic and Jazz: “Splendens: Llibre Vermell de Montserrat Jazz'. 2014: "Cançons i romanços populars catalans de la guerra de Successió (s. XVIII)". 2015: 47è Voll - Damm Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona: "Antoni Rossell canta Susanna Rafart".

Antoni Rossell is Senior Lecturer at Barcelona’s Universitat Autònoma. The last production of Antoni Rossell is a new version of the 10 anonymous songs of the Llibre vermell or Liber rubeus (middle of the 13th century), in collaboration with the pianist Frédérique Trunk. This version combines the Medieval tradition with innovation in an adaptation flowing from jazz to contemporary music. The aim of this repertoire is to present a 21st century audience the performance of Medieval works under a new dimension, so as to shed light upon the structure of the musical pieces and their essential features. This will be achieved through a contemporary atmosphere, familiar and accessible to nowaday’s audience.